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Graduate School of Modern English
English department (minor)
The English department was formed in September 2004 after separating from the German language department (minor).

The head of the department is a senior lecturer, Honored specialist of Public education (lecturer emeritus) I.G. Zaleshina.

There are 18 teachers in the department staff, 5 of them are candidates of philology � A.M. Hismatullina, O.V. Zvada, Zh.G. Songolova, A.V. Kalashnikov, A.A. Stavtseva.

In 2006 two teachers completed post-graduate studies and 4 teachers started them.
Among innovations at the department one can point out an increase in amount of hours for teaching English and introduction of a new theoretical course: �The fundamentals of the second foreign language theory� under A.V. Kalashnikov�s guidance.

    Teachers in charge of the methodics associations:
  • 1st year - M.A. Ivanova
  • 2nd year - L.I. Lopatina
  • 3rd year - E.E. Menshikova
  • 4th year - A.A. Stavtseva
  • 5th year - I.G. Zaleshina
    The department works in 2 fields:
  • research (with the aim of upgrading scientific potential);
  • methodics (aimed at creating methodics materials).

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